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A woman in an abusive relationship hires someone to “take care of things”.

From the first words that are spoken, Rabbit deftly lures audiences into thinking that they can already see everything that is happening. The setting, coupled with the tone and fidgeting, is masterfully performed by the Kate Marie Davies. All of it effectively enforces the impression that a crime will be carried out. It is a credit to the complexity and capacity of the script to surprise that this setup never materializes, and the Rabbit’s purpose for being hired is much more benign.

Rabbit is a short that spends most of its time playing out steadily and with few surprises, but it takes a dramatic turn for the comical when it portrays Rabbit’s real profession and the consequent events.






  • Featuring
    Kate Marie Davies/ Ben Cooke/ Steve Speak/ Lauren Hilyer/
  • Writer & Director
    Ndubuisi Aja/
  • Cinematography
    Thomas Shawcroft/